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Rita Jordan was formally trained with a BA in Fine Arts then later spent time training at the Academy of Arts University's graphic design graduate program. 

Rita has spent decades as a practicing graphic designer working for large and small organizations working on projects such as the creation of the original CNN website, video production studio graphics, on-air graphics for television networks, and traditional logo and print design for small and large businesses. 

Rita has devoted time to instructing students on the principles and practices of fine arts, multimedia, and graphic design in hopes of inspiring new direction and purpose in the students' pursuits.

Rita spends time at her home in West Palm Beach, Florida working on projects in graphic design, craftwork in jewelry, home decor design, and creative curriculum writing.

Contact Rita. She welcomes discussing interesting projects.

Tutor with Rita at: https://is.gd/GSrzYx

Tutoring services available at: https://is.gd/GSrzYx

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